Organic control of two spotted spider mites, Tetranychus urticae

Organic control of two spotted spider mites with predatory mite, Amblyseius andersoni Two spotted spider mites (Tetranychus urticae) are serious pests of many greenhouse plants and field crops but they can be organically controlled by using predatory mites called Amblyseius … Continued

Five facts about predatory mite Amblyseius swirskii – Bugsforgrowers

Predatory mites¬†Amblyseius swirskii¬†are beneficial insects- Bugsforgrowers Predatory Mite, Amblyseius swirskii is an excellent biological control agent and has been used in controlling tiny pests such as whiteflies (Fig. 1), thrips and spider mites (Fig.2). that are responsible for causing a … Continued