Pictures from our booth at Innovative Farmers of Ohio Conference

Innovative Farmers of Ohio Conference was held at Hiram College in Hiram Ohio on Feb 26, 2011. Bugs for Growers was there with a booth so that we could meet growers, talk to them about their pest problems and give them information about the nematodes we’ll be selling this spring.

About 130 growers attended the conference and many stopped by the booth with interesting questions and problems. It was refreshing to see all the enthusiasm of the attendees and the energy of the organizers in getting it all together. Thank you to those of you who stopped by and we hope to see you again at more events soon.

Here are some pictures of our booth, flyer and our very green spokesman holding a business card: The Hulk. He was lent to us by Carlton Jackson of Tunnel Vision Hoops who were impressing future greenhouse owners at the booth next to us.