Now is the best time to stop emergence of Japanese beetles from their pupae

Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) adults are oval shaped, 1.5-inch long and shiny metallic-green in color (Photo 1). The mature grubs of Japanese beetles are whitish in color with yellowish-brown head capsule and three pairs of thoracic legs. When disturbed, grubs … Continued

Three beneficial nematodes for effective fungus gnat control in greenhouses

Effective control of fungus gnats with entomopathogenic nematodes Fungus gnats scientifically known as Bradysia spp are one of the most common pests of greenhouse ornamentals including African violets, carnations, chrysanthemums, cyclamen, lilies, geraniums, impatiens and poinsettias.  Fungus gnat maggots (Fig. … Continued