Described Heterorhabditis species and their symbiotic bacteria

Table 3. Described species of Heterorhabditis nematodes and their symbiotic bacteria species in the genus, Photorhabdus.

Heterorhabditis Species

 Associated Photorhabdus species

Heterorhabditis amazonensis Undescribed
H. argentinensis Photorhabdus temperata
H. atacamensis Undescribed
H. bacteriophora  P. luminescens subspecies including. laumondii TT01,  kayaii, thracensis
H. baujardi P. luminescens
H. beicherriana Undescribed
H. brevicaudis P. luminescens subsp. akhurstii
H. downesi  Photorhabdus sp
H. floridensis Undescribed
H. georgiana P. luminescens subsp. akhurstii
H. gerrardi P. asymbiotica 
H. hambletoni Undescribed
H. hawaiiensis P. luminescens
H. heliothidis Undescribed
H. hepialius P. luminescens
H. hoptha  Undescribed
H. indica P. luminescens
H. marelata  P. luminescens
H. megidis P. temperata subsp. temperata Xl Nach
H. mexicana Undescribed
H. noenieputensis Undescribed
H. poinari  Photorhabdus sp
H. safricana Undescribed
H. sonorensis P. luminescens subsp. sonorensis
H. taysearae Undescribed
H. zealandica  P. temperata



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